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Emergency lockdown in Paxton Access Control

Emergency lockdown in Paxton Access Control

In our ever-changing world, safety is a top concern for businesses and organisations. Paxton Access Control is here to help, offering a robust solution for emergency lockdown procedures. In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of emergency lockdowns with Paxton, how they work, and where they come in handy.

Why Emergency Lockdowns Matter?

Emergency lockdown procedures are all about keeping people and assets safe in times of crisis. Whether it’s an intruder, a threat, or any safety concern, knowing how to react quickly and efficiently can make a world of difference in safeguarding everyone on your premises.

How Paxton’s Emergency Lockdown Works

  1. Access Control Panels: These are like the gatekeepers stationed at key entry and exit points.
  2. Access Control Software: This is your command centre. With a simple click, administrators can initiate an emergency lockdown.
  3. Emergency Buttons and Mobile Access: Paxton gives you multiple ways to start a lockdown. There are physical buttons in crucial spots and mobile access for those in charge.

When a lockdown kicks in, here’s what happens:

  • All assigned doors and gates lock up tight, keeping unauthorised folks out.
  • Access cards and fobs get a temporary holiday, so only authorised people can move around.
  • Alarms go off, and notifications shoot out to alert security or the right authorities.

Where You Need Emergency Lockdowns

Emergency lockdowns are critical in a range of places:

  • Schools and Universities: Lockdowns keep students and staff safe from intruders or security threats.
  • Corporate Spaces: Businesses use lockdowns to shield employees during surprise emergencies, like workplace violence or security breaches.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals use lockdowns to secure sensitive areas, ensuring the well-being of patients and healthcare heroes.
  • Factories and Warehouses: Industrial setups rely on lockdowns to tackle safety hazards and stop any uninvited visitors.

Setting Up an Emergency Lockdown

Getting your emergency lockdown plan ready with Paxton Access Control is as easy as pie. Administrators can decide which doors or gates need locking, create schedules for lockdowns, and appoint the folks who can give the green light for lockdowns. Plus, you can even trigger a lockdown from your smartphone for a lightning-fast response.

User-Friendly All the Way

Despite the high stakes, Paxton’s user-friendly system makes setting up and starting lockdowns a piece of cake, even if you’re not a tech guru.

In a nutshell, Paxton’s emergency lockdown procedures are your superhero cape when it comes to safety and security. No matter your field, from education to corporate life, healthcare, or industry, Paxton has your back when things take an unexpected turn. It’s all about keeping the good stuff safe, and Paxton is here to make that happen.

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