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Access Control Security Solutions for Education

Education Access Control for Schools,Colleges and Universities

Access control systems for educational sectors create a safer, streamlined environment for schools. Enjoy secure, worry free teaching and learning for your people.

Safer teaching, better learning

We protect your people, properties and assets, control access, provide custom ID and much more! We’ve been creating safe learning environments for over 20 years!

Control entry from anywhere, while reducing costs.

Enhance your access control for schools and increase security and efficiency with our paxton solutions. Easily manage who enters your college while customising dashboards to your needs (only Paxton10). Reduce costs with automated reporting and remote system management via the Paxton Connect app. Personalise ID cards for visual verification (only Net2) and prevent unauthorised access with anti-passback measures. Door access control systems for schools will secure your property and manage access.

Set access rights, visually verify and restrict with ease.

Access control for university offers flexible access control. You can manage permissions remotely via a smart device or PC. Speed up new student enrolment with the Paxton Connect app. Use smartphone or smartwatch credentials for staff and students (only Paxton10). Organise users into groups like ‘students’, ‘teachers.’ and ‘visitors’. Implement emergency lockdown with restricted access (only Net2). Enhance security with video door entry for visual verification of visitors by Reception staff.

Automate your security, while cutting costs.

With auto expiration dates, you can tailor access permissions, such as configuring visitor cards to automatically expire after a day or limiting access for contractors and cleaning staff to specific schedules and areas. Access control systems for schools can provide automated roll call reports triggered by fire alarms ensure swift identification of safely evacuated occupants. All while keeping school teachers able to access the school during their own hours. For enhanced cost savings by using access control in schools, energy-saving readers efficiently power down lights, air conditioning, and electrical equipment when rooms are vacant or at the end of the school day.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Building Security

Access control solutions for college campuses enable cashless vending for school students to make school meal payments using their access cards, offering convenience and security. This college campus access control can be cancelled at any time in the case of card loss. Implement wireless door handles for easy security system expansion with minimal disruption. Seamlessly integrate with various systems like CCTV, biometrics, visitor management, and intruder and fire alarms, simplifying administration through a centralised platform for access control schools.


More information

Education access control systems are essential. Whether you’re looking for access control for schools, college campus access control, access control for universities, or for university campuses, ensuring security for your people on site is essential. Visitors, staff, and students, and even your assets and properties will benefit from access control for education sectors.

Create varying access levels for different people with door access control systems for schools. For example, a teacher will need access to certain classrooms and staff rooms, but students will need access to classrooms only. This protects unauthorised visitors from areas. A sign in and sign out system will record attendance, and show where students are. Eliminate the need for a register and save time.

University campus door access control and college campus access control, similarly, allows personalised access control restrictions, so students have access to their property only. This increases safety for all students. Set community areas to unlock and lock at certain times, and be accessed by a token.

In the event of a fire, access control solutions for college campuses will generate a report to show who is on site, and where they are currently by detecting where they last scanned in to. This is crucial data in the event of an emergency where every second counts.