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Access Control Security Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare Access Control system solutions

Resolve your patients issues faster, more accurately, and increase your security. Offer a safe environment for staff, visitors and patients!

Secure healthcare facilities

Improve healthcare access control – we protect your people, properties and assets. We’ve been creating safe healthcare environments for over 20 years!

Manage your healthcare buildings.

Access control in healthcare ensures both freedom of movement within a building and enhanced security for specific areas, like operating theatres or pharmacies. From capturing when employees clock in and out, to visual verification of who’s entering and sitemaps.

Set access rights, visually verify and restrict with ease.

Choose the right access solution for healthcare based off your needs. Manage permissions remotely via smartphone or PC or locally at each door. Benefit from smart credentials for smartphone or Apple Watch access (Paxton10). Provide time-limited tokens for day patients. Ensure emergency lockdown with a single button press (Net2).

Automate your security, while cutting costs.

Improve access control in healthcare facility with automation. Save time and maximise your system’s benefits beyond security. During fire alarms, automatic roll calls ensure safety, simplifying evacuations. Administrators can create rules like email notifications for forced door openings when integrated with CCTV footage.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Building Security

Enhancing your building’s security is simple and efficient through a healthcare access control system integration. Seamlessly integrate your intruder alarm to minimise false alarms, program fire doors for automatic emergency response, link CCTV footage to access events, and gain precise lift control, all to ensure a safer healthcare environment.

  • Streamlined Security
  • Intruder & Fire Integration
  • CCTV Access Linking
  • Precise Lift Control

More information

Improve access control in healthcare with Paxton Access Control. Securing your healthcare building and environment is paramount. Healthcare access control can provide cctv, or integrate into an existing cctv setup. Create temporary day tokens for visitors and , restrict access to each employee and patient and manage it all from one central hub, where you can block these tokens in an instant for emergencies or if lost.

Healthcare access control systems can protect your people, staff, visitors, assets, and properties. This system is expertly equipped to deal with fire alarms and roll calls with reports. Identify who’s inside your building, and where. In a fire where every second counts, this is essential.