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Access Control Security Solutions for Hospitality

Access Control Security Solutions for Hospitality.

Our hospital access control systems offer flexible access control for your hospitality property, ensuring security while providing residents and visitors with convenience.

Secure hospitality & hotels

Access control systems for hospitals protect your people, properties and assets, control access, provide custom ID and much more! We’ve been creating safe hospitality environments for 20+ years!

Manage your hotels & rooms.

Elevate hotel access control security as an individual standalone system, or as part of our fully integrated access control solutions. Customise access permissions for communal areas, manage cards and tokens, and enhance guest safety with video entry. Stay in control remotely with Paxton Connect, overseeing multiple sites effortlessly.

Grant temporary access for individuals.

Hotel door access control systems simplify building management with the use of an access control card or fob token. Choose from remote or local access control options. Grant temporary access with time-restricted tokens, or use smartphone credentials via secure Bluetooth tech (Paxton10). Hotel access control systems segment buildings for public and private areas, and secure car parks with long-range readers (Net2). Enhance security with wireless door handles for various access points.

Automate all your security, from one place.

Enhance your hospitality venue’s efficiency and security with integrated systems. Control intruder alarms and access systems together, reducing false alarms. Program fire doors to open during emergencies for swift evacuations of your hotels.  Link CCTV footage to access events, and restrict lift access to residents and approved visitors (Net2 only).

More information

Hospital access control systems are essential for protecting your hospital staff and patients. It’s essential for buildings, especially hospitals and hotels, to be as secure as possible.

Access control for hospitals control who is entering and exiting certain rooms in the hospital. For example, when a surgery is in progress, it is essentials that surgeons do not get interrupted, and visitors or patients do not enter the room. This also minimises the risk of contamination as no unauthorised personnel can enter.

Hotel door access control systems are essential for privacy and comfort for your guests. Block tokens remotely, so if your guests forget to return the access token, there’s no security risk. Set access permissions, so the token will only work for certain doors, while controlling all doors from one system. Hotel access control systems are a reassurance to guests that they are secure and safe in their hotel room.

Hotel internet access control system also protects guests on the network, and prevents unauthorised searches. Restrict the internet so that only guests can access this, and guests have to accept and abide by an internet policy.