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Visually verify before entry with Paxton

Visually verify before entry with Paxton Access Control Systems

In today’s security landscape, visual verification has become a powerful tool for enhancing access control. Let’s zoom in on this specific aspect and see how it plays a crucial role in Paxton access control systems.


The Power of Visual Verification

Visual verification in Paxton’s access control is all about confirming the identity of individuals before granting them access. This method primarily relies on photographic or video checks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Photographic Verification: This is often seen in facilities equipped with Paxton access control systems. When you present your ID or access card, the system cross-references your photo with your current appearance. If there’s a match, you’re granted access.
  2. Video Verification: Paxton’s systems can also utilise video feeds for real-time verification. This is particularly useful for secure locations and can ensure that the person standing at the door matches the expected identity.


Why Visual Verification Matters

Visual verification is a game-changer for Paxton access control systems in several ways:

  • Enhanced Security: By visually confirming the identity of individuals, Paxton systems add an extra layer of security to your premises. This helps in preventing unauthorised access and maintaining a secure environment.
  • Efficiency: Visual verification is swift and accurate. It streamlines the access control process, making it easier for authorised individuals to enter while keeping out potential threats.
  • User-Friendly: Paxton’s user-friendly approach to visual verification ensures a seamless experience for both staff and visitors, reducing bottlenecks at access points.
  • Audit Trail: Visual verification also provides an audit trail of who entered your facility and when, making it valuable for security assessments and investigations.

Visual Verification: Your Access Control Ally

In the Paxton world of access control, visual verification is a dependable ally. It ensures that only authorised personnel gain entry, keeping your premises secure while maintaining operational efficiency. With features like photographic and video verification, Paxton’s approach is robust and user-friendly, making it a cornerstone of modern access control systems.

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