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Time restricted Paxton Access Control

The time-restricted access control feature offered by Paxton allows organisations to precisely dictate when individuals can access specific areas. It empowers administrators to set timeframes during which entry is permitted, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised access outside designated hours. This feature can be tailored to various needs, making it a versatile tool for controlling access to sensitive areas.


Who uses this?

A wide range of institutions and businesses can benefit from time-restricted access control. Educational institutions utilise it to manage access to classrooms, libraries, and labs, ensuring that students and staff can enter during scheduled classes. In the corporate world, companies apply this feature to secure server rooms, sensitive data storage, and even office spaces. Healthcare facilities rely on it to regulate access to different departments, protecting patient records and valuable medical equipment.


How is time-restricted access control used?

Organisations employ this feature through their access control systems. Administrators define time windows during which access is permitted or restricted for specific users or groups. They configure these settings in the access control software, specifying areas, timeframes, and user permissions. For example, an office manager can set access to a server room from 9 AM to 5 PM, ensuring that only IT personnel can enter during working hours. This feature simplifies access management, reduces manual oversight, and improves security by enforcing access policies automatically.


Why is it important to only allow access to an area between certain times?

Heightened Security: Time restrictions reduce the risk of unauthorised access during vulnerable periods, enhancing overall security.

Protecting Sensitive Data: It safeguards confidential information by limiting access to authorised personnel when supervision is feasible.

Operational Efficiency: This feature automates access management, aligning access with schedules, and streamlining operations.

Cost Savings: It helps reduce energy costs by limiting access during non-business hours.

Regulatory Compliance: Time restrictions aid in meeting industry-specific compliance requirements, avoiding potential legal consequences.


Customisation and Adaptability options

Paxton’s solution provides a high degree of customisation, ensuring that time restrictions align with an organisation’s specific needs. This adaptability is invaluable in sectors like healthcare, where different departments may require varying levels of access during different hours. Administrators can fine-tune settings to grant access to medical staff while limiting access to others, safeguarding sensitive information and equipment.

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