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The benefits of School Access control – differentiating between Staff and Student access rights.

School Access Control – The Benefits of Access Rights for Staff and Students

Access Control for Schools increases security by limiting access to unauthorised individuals. This is of utmost importance in a school setting. Streamline your security and free up your staff so you can do what you do best – teaching!


What are User Permissions

User permissions is the specific rights and privileges granted to individuals within a system or organisation. In the context of Access Control for Schools, user permissions regulate and define access to various areas and resources. These permissions ensure that individuals have tailored access levels that align with their roles and responsibilities. By assigning distinct permissions, schools can establish a secure environment.


Why do I need User Permissions in my School?

Students and Teachers require different access. Give access to teacher lounge rooms, and personal offices to specific people, allow them to open doors before the school opening, and see which rooms students are accessing. 


See who’s in the school.

See who’s in the school. Easily check who’s in to run fire reports, when they arrived, which lessons students attended, and if students are attempting to access unauthorised rooms. Ensure that no classrooms are without teachers as you can check if a teacher has signed into the classroom. Remove the need for attendance registers and get straight into learning!


Block ID Cards from the School Access Control System.

Easily and immediately block tokens and ID cards from certain doors from anywhere. Limit and remove access for leavers. Temporarily limit access to certain areas for users.

If the keycard is lost, you can immediately block this from the system to stop unauthorised users taking advantage of this.

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