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Using 360 View Cameras for Outdoor premises

Using 360 View Cameras for Outdoors 

Paxton 360 Degrees Camera

Paxton specialises in 360-degree surveillance cameras featuring pan/tilt functionality, ensuring a comprehensive view of surroundings without any blind spots. These cameras utilise a fisheye lens to record entire scenes, offering total situational awareness. Designed to be impact-resistant, vandal-resistant, and suitable for outdoor use, they are versatile for diverse sites, including retail environments, museums, and industrial premises. Ideal for monitoring large areas, these cameras are popular for remote viewing, live monitoring, and security applications.

Increased Stability with Paxton

The pan/tilt functionality provides complete control over the recorded area, making them suitable for locations where a security guard monitors a live video feed on-site. Unlike traditional mechanical pan-tilt-zoom devices, 360-degree cameras have no moving parts, resulting in improved flexibility and a longer lifespan.

Paxton’s 360-degree cameras are forecasted to experience a significant increase in global unit shipments year-on-year, highlighting their popularity and effectiveness in the security industry.

Benefits of using a 360-degree camera include:

  • Complete Coverage: Eliminating blind spots, these cameras capture images of both hemispheres, providing a comprehensive view of the environment.
  • Immersive Content Creation: Ideal for virtual tours, real estate showcasing, and capturing memorable moments, these cameras facilitate the creation of immersive content.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifying the process of capturing entire spaces, 360-degree cameras eliminate the need to worry about composition and camera settings, making them suitable for casual moments and daily life activities.
  • Versatility: With features like super stabilisation and the ability to capture a third-person view, these cameras are versatile for different types of shots and video content.
  • No Moving Parts and Improved Flexibility: Fisheye 360-degree cameras have no moving parts, enhancing flexibility and extending the lifespan compared to traditional devices.


In summary, Paxton’s 360-degree cameras offer comprehensive coverage, impact resistance, and improved flexibility, making them valuable for a wide range of security and surveillance applications. The 360 full view cameras are ideal for outdoors, and inside large areas.

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