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Anti-Passback Security

Paxton, a renowned provider of access control solutions, implements anti-passback measures as part of its security features.

What is anti pass-back?

The term “anti-passback” refers to a security protocol designed to prevent unauthorised individuals from using someone else’s access card or credentials to gain entry.

How Paxton’s Anti-Passback works.

In Paxton’s system, anti-passback typically involves tracking the movement of individuals through access points. Once a person uses their access card to enter a secured area, the system records this event. Anti-passback rules dictate that the same card cannot be used to exit the same area without first being used to enter, and vice versa.

This measure ensures that individuals cannot lend their access cards to others, as the system recognises the specific sequence of entry and exit events associated with each card. If someone attempts to use the same card for both entry and exit without the proper sequence, the system triggers an alert, notifying security personnel of a potential security breach.

Paxton’s anti-passback system enhances overall security by preventing the misuse of access cards and promoting accountability for individual movements within a controlled environment. This feature is particularly crucial in environments where strict access control is necessary, such as offices, data centres, or research facilities.

In summary, Paxton’s anti-passback measures are an integral part of their access control system, working to maintain the integrity of secure areas by preventing unauthorised use of access cards and ensuring a proper sequence of entry and exit events.

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