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Paxton Smart Credentials: Basics

Paxton Smart Credentials: Basics

Paxton Smart Credentials are part of a comprehensive access control system designed to provide secure and convenient access to buildings and facilities. Here’s how they work, how to set them up, their features, and some additional tips.


How Paxton Smart Credentials Work:

Paxton Smart Credentials utilise RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to communicate with Paxton access control systems. Each smart credential contains a unique identifier that is transmitted wirelessly to compatible readers when in close proximity. The access control system then verifies the credential’s identity and grants or denies access based on the permissions associated with that credential.

How to Setup Paxton Smart Credentials:

System Configuration:

Begin by configuring your Paxton access control system to recognise and integrate with smart credentials. This typically involves setting up compatible readers and configuring access permissions within the system.

Credential Enrolment:

Next, enrol individual smart credentials into the system. This is usually done by associating each credential’s unique identifier with specific user profiles or access groups within the access control software.


Distribute the smart credentials to authorised users. Depending on the type of credential, this may involve issuing physical cards, key fobs, or mobile credentials to individuals.


Conduct thorough testing to ensure that the smart credentials are properly recognised by the readers and that access permissions are applied correctly.

Features of Paxton Smart Credentials:

Secure Authentication:

Smart credentials offer secure authentication through encrypted communication between the credential and the access control system, helping to prevent unauthorised access.


Users can quickly gain access to authorised areas by simply presenting their smart credential to a compatible reader, eliminating the need for manual key entry or authentication.


Paxton Smart Credentials come in various form factors, including cards, key fobs, and mobile credentials, providing flexibility to choose the option that best suits the needs of your organisation.


The Paxton access control system is scalable, allowing you to easily add or remove smart credentials as your organisation grows or changes.

Additional Tips:

Regular Maintenance:

Perform regular maintenance on your access control system, including checking for firmware updates, testing readers, and replacing worn or damaged credentials to ensure optimal performance.

Security Best Practices: 

Implement security best practices such as regularly reviewing access permissions, conducting audits of user activity, and restricting access to sensitive areas as needed.

Employee Training:

Provide training to employees on how to use smart credentials effectively and securely. Emphasise the importance of safeguarding credentials against loss or theft.

Backup Procedures:

Establish backup procedures in case of credential loss or system malfunction. This may include having backup credentials on hand or implementing contingency plans for temporary access.

By understanding how Paxton Smart Credentials work, following proper setup procedures, leveraging their features, and implementing additional tips, you can effectively enhance the security and convenience of your access control system.

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