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Security concerns are high. Managing multiple sites efficiently from one place can prove to be a challenge. Whether it’s a chain of retail stores, office buildings across different locations, hospitals, nursing homes, or educational institutions spread out over a region, ensuring seamless access control and surveillance is paramount. Paxton Access Control is here to help! Discover more about this comprehensive solution that revolutionises multi-site security management.


Manage Multiple Sites Effortlessly

Paxton Access Control offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform that allows you to effortlessly manage multiple sites from a single server. With support for up to 100 sites, 1000 doors and 1000 surveillance cameras, Paxton simplifies the complex task of overseeing multiple locations. What’s more, the Paxton Connect app ensures you’re always connected, providing real-time access to critical security information no matter where you are.  

How Paxton’s Multi-Site Management Works

Paxton solution features all access control and surveillance data from various sites consolidated into one server, eliminating the need for separate management systems for each location. This centralised approach not only streamlines administration but also enhances security by providing a unified view of all activities across different sites.

Paxton’s intuitive software interface makes it easy to configure and monitor access control and surveillance parameters. Administrators can assign access rights, schedule door access times, and receive instant alerts for any security breaches. Meanwhile, the Paxton Connect app empowers users to stay informed and responsive even while on the move.

Why Multi-Site Control is useful

Paxton Access Control presents multiple benefits for multi-site management:

– Centralised Control: Manage all sites from a single interface, reducing complexity and administrative overhead.

– Real-time Monitoring: Stay updated on security events as they happen from all your sites, enabling swift response to any incidents – wherever you are.

– Scalability: Paxton’s solution is highly scalable, accommodating the needs of growing organisations without compromising performance.

Enhanced Security: By consolidating data and control, Paxton minimises vulnerabilities and strengthens overall security.


Usage and Implementation

Paxton Access Control can be leveraged across various industries and scenarios:

– Retail Chains: Ensure secure access to stores and stockrooms while monitoring customer flow and employee activities.

– Corporate Offices: Restrict access to sensitive areas, track employee movements, and enhance overall workplace safety.

Educational Institutions: Safeguard campuses, control access to classrooms and dormitories, and monitor student activities for enhanced campus security.

– Hospitality and Care Homes: Track visitors, restrict access for patient / tenant safety. See an overview of all your sites and rooms from one place.


Additional Tips for Paxton Multi-Sites

To maximise the effectiveness of Paxton Access Control for multi-site management, consider the following tips and features:

– Customisable Access Levels: Tailor access rights based on roles and responsibilities to ensure optimal security and efficiency.

– Integration Capabilities: Integrate Paxton with other security systems such as alarms and intercoms for a comprehensive security ecosystem.

– Remote Management: Take advantage of the Paxton Connect app to manage sites remotely, empowering administrators to respond promptly to security incidents.

– Regular Updates and Maintenance: Stay vigilant with software updates and regular maintenance to ensure system reliability and resilience against emerging threats.

In conclusion, Paxton Access Control offers a robust solution for organisations seeking to streamline multi-site security management. With its centralised control, real-time monitoring, and scalable architecture, Paxton empowers businesses to safeguard their assets and personnel effectively across diverse locations. Embrace Paxton Access Control and embark on a journey towards enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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