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Access Control Systems

Control who has access to your building. Unlike keys, These can’t be duplicated eliminating one security risk immediately. When keys are lost, lock changes and reissuing keys can be both time consuming and expensive, but not with these access control systems!

No lock change

Increase security

Cost effective

Block lost keys

Auto lock behind

Flexible solution

what is access control?

What is Access Control?

In simple terms, it is all about making sure that the right people can get into the right places and do the right things. It's a way of keeping track of who is allowed to enter a building, use a computer system, or access certain information.

For example, you might need a special key or a code to get into your office building, and you might need a password to log into your work computer. These are all examples of access control technologies, and they help keep things safe and secure. We have a range of different access control types available here!

Which system is right for you?

It's a convenient, secure, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has permission to be on site, and when.

Doors are often left open or unlocked after use, allowing unauthorised access. With Access Control, the doors will automatically lock behind and prevent this issue.

Tokens can be easily barred from the system. Unlike a key which would require a full lock change, these tokens require only a simple block.

how does access control work? paxton help

How does access control work?

When a door is closed, it will automatically lock. Anyone without a PIN or Access Token will be unable to enter. However, doors can be set to stay unlocked during a designated time frame if necessary.

The system is also very flexible. For example, some doors may need to be unlocked during a specific time frame, or access to areas may need to be restricted during certain hours. Specific users can also be restricted from certain areas at certain times.

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