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What is a Door Access Control System & Why Use One?

What is a Door Access Control System & Why Use One?

Paxton Door Access Control systems can significantly enhance efficiency through automation, particularly in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, by integrating advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces. Here’s how:

What is a Door Access Control System?

A door access control system is a digital solution to manage and restrict entry to buildings. It ensures that only authorised people can enter, preventing unauthorised access, trespassing, and vandalism. These systems are more efficient and secure than traditional lock-and-key methods.

These systems also offer convenience. Users no longer need physical keys. Instead, they can use card keys, key fobs, or mobile app barcodes.

Why Use a Door Access Control System?

Door access control systems provide better security and convenience compared to traditional locks.

  • Better Security: Access control systems use advanced locks like magnetic or electric locks, which are more secure than traditional ones. They can also connect to other security systems like video surveillance for added protection.
  • Digital Integration: Modern businesses benefit from digital access control. Users can unlock doors with key fobs or mobile apps. Administrators can monitor and manage the system remotely, especially with cloud-based solutions.
  • Convenience: These systems make access easy. Users don’t need to carry keys. Various entry methods like cards, mobile apps, and biometric scanners simplify the process.

Single-Door vs. Multi-Door Systems

Businesses can choose single-door or multi-door systems based on their needs:

  • Single-Door Systems: Cost-effective but limited in expansion. Adding more doors later may be difficult.
  • Multi-Door Systems: More expensive but allow for integration and centralised control across multiple doors, making management easier.

Entry Options

Access control systems offer various methods to unlock doors:

  •  Keypads: Users enter a password.
  • Proximity Readers: Users present a card, key fob, or mobile app barcode.
  • Biometric Readers: Users scan a fingerprint, palm print, or face.
  • Intercom Systems: Combine a keypad with audio verification.

Lock Options

Different locks provide varying levels of security:

  • Stand-Alone Locks: Battery-operated and easy to install. Can’t remote monitor.
  • Magnetic Locks: Strong and durable.
  • Electric Strike Locks: Secure and cost-effective.
  • Electric Deadbolts: Very secure and suitable for high-security areas with digital monitoring.

Exit Options

Adding exit systems can enhance security and convenience:

  • Push Buttons: Simple “push to exit” buttons.
  • Push Bars: Bars that unlock the door when pushed.
  • Motion Sensors: Automatically unlock doors when someone approaches.
  • Scannable tokens: Open when the token is scanned closely to the reader.

Control Options

Control your access system remotely through various methods:

  • Control Box: An older method with a box near the door for changing settings. Less secure than digital options.
  • IP/Network-Attached: Use software connected to your network for remote monitoring.
  • ODBC-Compliant Software: Integrates with other systems like time and attendance, video surveillance, and payroll.


Costs vary based on hardware, software, and accessories:

  • Hardware: Locks (£15–£700 per door), door readers (£60–£2,700 per door), access cards or key fobs (£4–£8 each).
  • Software: Control software (£140–£2,700), ongoing license and maintenance fees (£0–£40 monthly per door).
  • Accessories: Additional items like motion sensors (£8–£400).

Door Access Control Suppliers

Choosing the right supplier is essential. Consider industry experience, types of readers and locks offered, and pricing. Here are a few top suppliers:

  • Paxton: Known for its reliability and innovation, Paxton is considered the best in the industry. They offer a wide range of products including card readers, key fobs, and advanced access control software. Paxton systems are easy to install and use, making them a top choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • HID Global: Specialises in finance, government, and healthcare. Provides ID cards, biometric readers, and mobile app options. Pricing is custom.
  • Salto Systems: Caters to commercial, education, and hospitality sectors. Offers wall proximity readers, card key locks, and mobile app options. Pricing is available upon request.

Next Steps

To learn more view our website, or contact us. Consider integrating time and attendance systems and video surveillance to enhance your security. For industry-specific benefits, check our resources for office buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities, and educational establishments.

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