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Access Control Security Solutions for Offices

Office access control systems

In commercial spaces, our office access control solutions ensure efficient security and door access control. Safeguard offices, staff, and assets and seamlessly integrate building management systems.

Secure offices and people, professionally

Office access control systems protect your people, properties and assets, control access, provide custom ID and much more! We’ve been implementing office security systems for 20+ years!

Manage your offices & rooms with an office security system.

Simplify site management for office buildings with office security systems and commercial spaces with our user-friendly systems. Enjoy combined CCTV and access control, linking access events to video footage with Paxton10. Organize doors and buildings into public and private areas, and generate custom reports for user events. Additionally, access control systems for office buildings allow you to manage multiple sites effortlessly with just one server for up to 1000 doors and 1000 surveillance cameras, making it easy to stay connected on the go with the Paxton Connect app.

Grant varied access levels for staff, managers and visitors.

Streamline door access control systems for offices with our solutions for offices and commercial spaces. You can effortlessly manage access permissions from a PC, user-friendly online interface, or locally at each door with a security system for offices. Tailor access rights by creating groups for departments or restrict access to specific areas using dual authentication for heightened security. Our features include multi-tenant support, anti-passback to prevent token sharing, temporary access for visitors, and emergency lockdown capabilities for swift site security.

  • Effortless Access Management
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Dual Authentication Security
  • Emergency Lockdown Feature

Automate all your security, from one place.

Enhance your office or commercial access control systems with added automation capabilities. security systems for offices not only bolster security but also improve overall efficiency. Instantly generate roll call reports during fire alarms to ensure everyone’s safety during evacuations. Set automatic expiration dates for user access, streamlining visitor and temporary staff access management.

Integrate with existing systems, including alarms.

Enhance access control systems for office buildings and commercial access control systems seamlessly in your security system. Connect intruder alarms for unified control, reducing false alarms. Ensure safety with fire doors programmed to open during emergencies. Associate CCTV footage with access events. Control lift access and floors efficiently (Net2 only) using I/O boards. Scalable solutions, ideal for small office security systems.

  • Unified Security Solutions
  • Intruder & Fire Alarm Integration
  • CCTV Access Event Linking
  • Efficient Lift Control

More information

Paxton’s commercial access control systems are ideal for increasing your security. Office access control is essential for protecting your workers, assets, properties and visitors. Commercial door access control is systems restrict access, and monitor where people are. This is particularly useful in the event of a fire, or to differentiate between employees with different access needs.

The doors can also be closed and opened at a set time. For example, they can be set to your office hours, locking and unlocking at pre scheduled times. Door access control systems for offices are growing in popularity due to the security, and management aspects. Additionally, anti-passback is becoming more popular because of the prevention of employees sharing an access token, or an unauthorised person following in behind. This can also be used for your gates, opening and closing at a specified time.

Commercial building access control is also useful for commercial gate access control systems. Control your gate from the comfort of your office to allow delivery trucks, visitors, employees and more through the gate, while preventing unauthorised individuals onto your property.