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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and
360 Cameras

Increase security with a visual overview of your site and in the case of an attempted breach, video footage captured from the Paxton system will serve as evidence and a possible means of identification. Get peace of mind that your premises are secure and protected.

Powerful Evidence

Protect Property

Eyes Everywhere

Deter Crime

Reduce Insurance

Increase Security


Use site Graphics for Live Interaction

You can use an interactive graphic of your site that allows you to see the state of your doors and cameras on your site and interact with them. For example, a courier arrives on site; you can see them on the CCTV and then open the door remotely to let them in. Using the interactive graphic and CCTV, you can monitor the courier and then let the person out using your computer and site graphic all from the comfort of your own desk.

Why Link your CCTV to Paxton?

By integrating your CCTV cameras to the Net2 software, events are recorded in one place. Both door access and CCTV events are recorded at the same time in the same place saving time and money in trying to retrieve important information.

How does door entry access control work?

Net2 integrates with a range of products by industry leading manufacturers. This integration makes it possible to review CCTV footage from within the Net2 system, as well as connecting to individual IP cameras in order to view a live feed at any door. We can create a link within the software to make all this happen efficiently.

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Eliminate blind spots with 360 Degree Cameras

360 degree security cameras are ideal for the outdoors. These give you a 360° view of your property, covering all views so you don’t miss anything. A simple, secure and flexible installation that also works well with a system as a whole. These also work perfectly in home security systems.

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