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Auto expiration dates for valid visitor access

Auto expiration dates for valid visitor access

Auto expiration dates are like a security timer for visitor access in Paxton’s system. They ensure that once you grant access, it’s automatically cut off at a pre-set time and date.


How auto expiration works

Imagine you have a contractor visiting your office. You set up their access rights, specifying the start and end date and time. When the clock hits the expiration time, their access is automatically revoked. It’s that simple!

Using auto expiration dates

To use this feature, log in as an admin, create a visitor profile, set their access, and choose when their access ends. The system does the rest, keeping your space secure.

Who benefits?

This feature is a game-changer for places with temporary visitors, like offices, schools, or hospitals. Contractors, visitors, and temporary staff can come and go without worries.

Top Tips

Paxton’s system has more than auto expiration dates. Regularly check and update access permissions. Additionally, think about blending it with other security systems for the best protection!


In a nutshell, auto expiration dates in Paxton Access Control are your security’s best friend. They’re simple, handy, and perfect for ensuring the right people get access at the right times. Give it a try, and make your space more secure today!

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