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Wireless Door Handles

Wireless Door Handles

Wireless handles come with built in security, and no need for cabling making them straightforward to fit on existing doors saving you installation time. Works as a standalone or as part of a wider solution to offer you more flexibility. 

No lock change

Quick install

auto lock behind

Block lost keys

Increase security



Why do I need door access control?

The same security and convenience as a wired access control system, but with the additional flexibility of being wireless. This means less cabling resulting in quick and simple installation for minimal disruption. A physical access control system to control doors, gates and other entry points.

Never have to change a lock again. Tokens are easily barred/ banned from the system if they are lost or stolen. Specific doors can be set to stay unlocked during certain hours, or restrict access during specified hours. Doors left open will automatically lock behind and the anti-pass back system will prevent card holders from passing their token back to a second person, to gain entry into the same controlled area. Works standalone, or as part of the network system, creating a flexible and scalable solution.

Use Site Graphics for Live Interaction

You can use an interactive graphic of your site that allows you to see the state of your access control doors and access control cameras on your site and interact with them. For example, a courier arrives on site; you can see them on the CCTV and then open the door remotely to let them in. Using the interactive graphic and CCTV, you can monitor the courier and then let the person out using your computer and site graphic all from the comfort of your own desk.

How does door access control work?

When a door is closed, it will automatically lock. Anyone without a PIN or Access Token will be unable to enter. However, doors can be set to stay unlocked during a designated time frame if necessary.

Access control is also very flexible. For example, some doors may need to be unlocked during a specific time frame, or access to areas may need to be restricted during certain hours. Specific users can also be restricted from certain areas at certain times. Access control for gates is also available.

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