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Best security cameras for business

Best security cameras for business

Finding the best security cameras for businesses, including small businesses, can be a tiring task. This guide explores the best security systems, the best wireless and cloud based security cameras for businesses, the best outdoor security cameras and how to determine which is best suited for you!

Net2 Paxton System

Net2 allows for centralised control from a PC. When a command is given the PC receives this immediately and sends this to each of the doors instantly. This allows for instant opening of doors, barring and blocking tokens and building lockdown. Net2 access control is great for sites with a need to manage multiple doors and users. Enjoy event reporting, energy saving and integration with existing CCTV.

Paxton wireless net2

Standalone Paxton System

Standalone systems are best used to control access on one or many independent doors in a building as these systems are programmed at each individual door. Gain access by using a PIN or electronic token without a PC or Network, unlike a networked system. If tokens need to be barred or blocked, or codes need to be changed, this action must be completed individually at every door on the system.

Paxton standalone independent system

Paxton10 Paxton System

Paxton 10 systems allow you to access the software remotely from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and you’re a system administrator. This system supports all functions of a networked system, without requiring a network. Surveillance and video management from one unified platform. This works with Bluetooth smart credentials and a range of RFID tokens.

Paxton 10

Best small office security camera system

SWITCH2 (Standalone) is a popular choice for small businesses seeking an office security camera system. It stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, eliminating the need for a PC network. This system offers tailored security solutions for small businesses without compromising on quality or functionality.

  • Simplified setup: Easy installation process without the need for a PC network.
  • Cost-effective: Saves on initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs compared to more complex systems.
  • Scalability: Adaptable to the size and needs of small businesses, allowing for future expansion if necessary.
  • User-friendly interface: Intuitive controls and interface make it accessible for small business owners without extensive technical expertise.
  • Reliable performance: Provides consistent and reliable security monitoring to safeguard the premises and assets of small businesses.



Best security camera for small business

Camera Comparison Table
Feature Paxton10 Mini Dome Camera Core Series 4MP Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera Core Series 4MP Paxton10 Turret Camera Core Series 4MP
Sensor 4MP ultra-low light sensor 4MP ultra-low light sensor 4MP ultra-low light sensor
Resolution 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440
Rating IP67, IK10 IP67 IP67
IR Range 30m 40m 30m
Construction Metal Metal with plastic sun shield Metal
Mounting Options Wall or ceiling Wall or ceiling Wall or ceiling
Power Supply Not specified 12VDC or PoE (af) 12VDC or PoE (af)
Wide Dynamic Range 120dB 120dB 120dB
Intelligent Motion Detection Yes Yes Yes
Inbuilt IR Yes Yes Yes
Focal Length 2.8mm fixed 2.8mm fixed 2.8mm fixed
Minimum Illumination 0.003 lux 0.003 lux @ F1.4 0.003 lux @ F1.4
Storage 64GB SD card, network location 64GB SD card, network location 64GB SD card, network location
Sun Protection No Yes No

 Paxton10 Mini Dome Camera Core Series 4MP

 A high durability with metal construction and IK10 rating: Ideal for small businesses needing robust, vandal-resistant security, excellent wide dynamic range (120dB). This provides clear images in varied lighting, perfect for 24/7 monitoring. It’s also suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting which offers flexibility in installation, adaptable to different business layouts. Good low light performance and inbuilt IR for night vision up to 30m ensures reliable surveillance even in poorly lit areas. 

However, it has a shorter IR Range compared to the bullet camera, meaning it may not cover larger areas. 


Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera Core Series 4MP


The Mini Bullet Camera features a longer IR range, meaning better night vision, making it a great security camera for small businesses with larger outdoor spaces. This security camera also includes a plastic sun shield, reducing glare and maintaining image clarity. This camera is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting, allowing for many installation options to fit different small business environments. 

However, the camera is less vandal-resistant without an IK rating, meaning it might be more vulnerable to damage in high-risk areas. 


Paxton10 Turret Camera Core Series 4MP

Featuring a high wide dynamic range, providing superior image quality in different lighting conditions, important for continuous surveillance. The Paxton10 Turret Camera performs excellently in low light with a minimum illumination of 0.003 lux @ F1.4, enhancing night-time security for small businesses. Inbuilt IR for night vision up to 30m ensures reliable for monitoring small to medium-sized areas during nighttime, providing camera security for small businesses.

The IR range is shorter compared to the bullet camera, so it may not cover larger outdoor areas as effectively. Additionally, it lacks a sun shield which may affect performance in direct sunlight, potentially reducing daytime image clarity. 



Best cloud-based security cameras for business

Paxton10 cameras allow you to access software remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, whereas Net2 access control allows centralised control from a specified PC. Both are suitable for cloud based security. Here’s a breakdown to help determine which might be the best cloud-based security solution: 


Architecture and Integration:

Paxton10: Utilises a cloud-based architecture with a more integrated approach, incorporating video surveillance, access control, and building management systems into a single platform. 

Net2 Paxton: Primarily focuses on access control, offering a robust system for managing user access rights and permissions. 



Paxton10: Designed with scalability in mind, allowing businesses to easily expand their security infrastructure as needed, whether it’s adding more doors, users, or integrating additional features. 

Net2 Paxton: Also scalable but primarily focused on access control, may require additional integration for expanding functionalities beyond access control. 


User Interface and Experience: 

Paxton10: Offers a modern and intuitive user interface, with centralised management accessible from any internet-enabled device. Users can easily monitor and control various security aspects in real-time. 

Net2 Paxton: Provides a user-friendly interface specifically tailored for access control tasks, offering features like user enrolment, door control, and event monitoring. 


Flexibility and Customisation: 

Paxton10: Provides greater flexibility with customisable workflows and automation capabilities. Businesses can create tailored security protocols and responses based on specific scenarios or events. 

Net2 Paxton: Offers customisation options primarily within the realm of access control, allowing businesses to define user groups, access levels, and schedules according to their requirements. 


Integration and Compatibility: 

Paxton10: Supports seamless integration with various third-party systems and devices, enabling businesses to create a comprehensive security ecosystem that fits their needs. This includes integration with CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, and other building management systems. 

Net2 Paxton: Integrates well with Paxton’s own range of hardware and software solutions but may require additional effort for integration with third-party systems beyond basic access control functionalities. 


Security and Reliability: 

Both systems prioritise security and reliability, with encrypted communication protocols and redundant systems to ensure data integrity and system uptime. However, Paxton10’s broader feature set may introduce additional security considerations compared to the more focused Net2 Paxton. 


Ultimately, the choice between Paxton10 and Net2 Paxton depends on the specific security needs and priorities of the business. Paxton10 offers a more comprehensive solution with integrated features beyond access control, suitable for businesses seeking a centralised and scalable security platform. On the other hand, Net2 Paxton provides a robust and focused access control solution, ideal for businesses primarily concerned with managing user access rights and permissions. 



Best outdoor security cameras for business

When it comes to safeguarding your business premises, investing in top-notch outdoor security cameras is paramount. Especially for areas with low light conditions, such as outdoors, choosing the right camera can make all the difference in ensuring continuous surveillance and peace of mind. 


For businesses seeking robust outdoor security solutions, ultra low light cameras stand out as a prime choice. These cameras are designed to excel even in environments with minimal lighting, ensuring that critical areas remain under surveillance round the clock. Whether it’s monitoring a warehouse after hours, tracking a parking lot during the night, or outdoor security cameras for businesses, ultra low light cameras offer unparalleled visibility in challenging lighting conditions. 


Additionally, considering a camera with a sunshield for daytime operation is essential for maintaining clear footage in bright, sunny conditions. Sunshields help prevent glare and lens flare, ensuring that your camera captures crisp, high-quality images even in harsh sunlight. This feature is crucial for outdoor cameras exposed to varying weather conditions throughout the day. 


Among the many options available in the market, one standout choice is the Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera Core Series 4MP. This camera ticks all the boxes for outdoor security needs, without breaking the bank. With its innovative ultra low light capabilities, the Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera ensures un-compromised surveillance even in the darkest of nights. Moreover, equipped with a sunshield, it guarantees optimal performance under glaring daylight, delivering clear footage round the clock. The Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera has a sleek and compact design, and is easy to install.

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